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The College of Imam Al- Kadhum College (AS) hosted the meeting of the ministerial committee on the development of curricula of law in Iraqi universities and colleges formed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research

Dr. Miri Al-Khakani, addressed a number of topics, The most important ones are: standardization of curricula and reliance on them as study subjects for students of law and work to upgrade them, as well as modernizing curricula in line with scientific development

Dean of the College of Imam Al-Kadhum (A), Assistant Professor Dr. Ghani Al-Khakani said that the meeting reached the visions and joint participants that foster the curriculum and mechanisms of coordination and scientific communication to achieve high levels of planned planning to serve the educational process in Iraq, adding that the purpose of the meeting is to develop a strategy of development and modernization The curriculum by adding all that is new in the legal and judicial work and taking into account the developments of the current legal stages, as well as working on the principle of objective approaches to the subjects and curricula of law in the region and the world in line with the establishment of a modern experiment

On Monday, 3rd, Jun 2019, the Assistant of the Head of Shiite Endowment, Dean of the College of Imam Al- Kadhum, Assistant Professor Ghani Al-Khakani  met Chinese Ambassador in Baghdad ,”Chang Tao”.  In the meeting they activated the scientific and cultural participants between  Shiite Endowment and China.

The meeting was characterized by a signing  an advanced level of cultural and scientific cooperation particularly getting number of fellowships in Chinese Universities. The agreement includes 20 employees of various fields administrative, scientific and functional aspects of the Office of the Shiite Endowment and Imam Kadhum College every year.

“We discussed with Chinese ambassador a number of tracks that will strengthen the joint cultural and scientific cooperation between the Shiite Endowments Bureau and the Chinese institutions,”Alkhagani” said, adding that Beijing’s scientific and know-how capabilities deserve attention and we look forward to this meeting and its important achievements. Universities and scientific centers in activating the departments of the Office and the College of Imam al-  Kadhum (p) by virtue of the assets of those

Scientific achievements are accelerated in light of the continuous efforts applied by the staff Imam Al-Kadhum College, as part of its plans and institutional intellectual pathways which have adopted the international options and standards with the scientific foundations especially with regard to the entry of international classifications.
The efforts of the Information Technology Department continue with the support of the Dean of the College, Assistant Professor Dr. Ghani Al-Khakani and following-up of the Assistant Scientific Assistant Professor Dr. Haidar Al-Jazairi in coordination with the scientific departments and professors in its nine branches to complete the scientific database for their special accounts in the (Research Gate) and (Google Scholar(
Recently, the College of Imam Kadhim occupied the ninth position at the Plos site, which is one of the world’s most widely acclaimed sites for a number of international high-impact academic journals such as Environmental Science and Pollution, Chemical Communication, one) as well as many leading publishing houses in the world such as IEEE access, Research, Springer, Elsevier and Willy.
These successes of scientific discriminations are part of the ongoing preparations for the Information Technology Department, which invests its efforts in strengthening the College’s website and its institutional balance locally, regionally and internationally. According to the head of the department, Dr. Amjad Abbas Al-Tameemi,who said “We have adopted the scientific achievement process to strengthen and empower the College and its academic roles in booking a site with its national counterparts. We have relied on the precise mechanisms and controls set by the gates and scientific facilities in the process of scientific empowerment of universities and colleges. Al-Tameemi added that the department with its staff and unlimited support to the Deanship of the College will invest all its energies and volunteer all its technical and specialized capabilities for further successes and achievements, in line with the reservation of a more distinguished role of the college within the map of the establishment of the objective and knowledge of international institutions. ”
It is worth mentioning that the Department of Information Technology developed and coordinated with the scientific departments in the College a plan for the academic year 2018/2019 to develop the work of scientific sections and push the process of electronic subscription and activate their own accounts in the Research Gate and Google Scholar through workshops and seminars which was established for a full academic year because of its importance in achieving the desired goals

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